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Hey Guys this is Diane and I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. I am in my forty's and have been exploring my sexuality since I first started out on my own. I have been bisexual my whole life and have almost always had a girl in my life as well as my husband. I have been married since I was 18. We enjoy all kinds of sexual exploration together. In my mid 20's we started to play with cuckolding. This has to be one of my favorite things to do. I like to make a man do things for me that he would not do on his own.  I have played with transgenders and sissies. If you have ever spoken with Chilly Hicks that is my real life girlfriend of well over 10 years. I am not a professional dominatrix that is just something that does not interest me. I enjoy the things that I do but there are parts of my life that you can peek at but not experience one on one. I have a lot of movies and enjoy making more. Recently I started making mp3's which are wonderful to me. I am a writer and I run a couple of blogs which I encourage you to read. I put all kinds of things up there and write about fetishes. I have always been fascinated by the driving force behind a person and their fetish.  All of my pictures and movies are absolutely real. This year we are focusing on a set number of fetishes we do have all kinds of other movies but these are the ones we want to give a bit more attention to. My regular customers get free minutes so it really is nice to be a regular. I am a real all American Girl. I work out of my home and enjoy sharing my sexual adventures with my Niteflirt friends. One of things I greatly enjoy is getting to know you and what makes you excited. Talking about all those sexual adventures you want to have or have had. I know we can have a lot of fun together give me a call and lets explore each other. As you explore the different parts of my things here on Niteflirt please give me a call and lets talk about the things that interest you.  There is just something about a man's penis that is super soft and through me touching it, teasing it, and sucking on it watching it get super hard. The soft touch of the skin on my face and the look of pure pleasure on a man's face is a huge turn on for me. I think that sucking on a cock is a very powerful place to me. I am in complete control of when and if you orgasm. I might just take your cock and give you some very slow deep throating attention. You don't get come unless I decide to pick up the pace a little bit. If I want to I can tie you down using my mouth and my hands I will give you multiple orgasms over and over until I draw every bit of sperm from those balls of yours. My tiny little hands are very strong even if they do not look like they are. I will wrap those fingers around your cock and chocking that cock of yours while it pulses under my control. When I can feel you are completely ready to submit to anything I desire of you I might give you what you really want. When you get to the point that you are begging over and over for just a little bit more of my cock sucking I will give you what you beg for. One of my favorite games to play is letting your cock to just start squirting then shutting you down so all you feel is a hard throbbing in your testicles. This is my world. Sucking your cock is about what I want and when I want to give you pleasure or push you to your absolute edge. My favorite men to give a blow job to are alphas they are generally in control. I am not forcing them to give up that control, I am just giving them so much pleasure they will beg to give it up. When I decide it is time for you to have an earth shattering orgasm I will release you to give me every bit of your whole body surrendering to my form of pleasure.

Call me and lets talk about your phallus.

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