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VIRGIN----> Can you teach me??? I DARE U ;)

YES, I am an 18 year old VIRGIN.

My twin sister Naughtia, however, is not... we are actually complete opposites. I consider myself the nice one while shes, well... naughty. I'm submissive and she's dominant. I'm new at this, so if you want to go where no MAN has gone before, call me I'm very interested to find out what you have to offer. That's right, I've actually been with girls-- went to an all girls school, no surprise there I guess lol! I'm from a small town in Georgia and I just graduated high school. I need to expand my horizons a little thats why I'm giving this a try--- Can you teach me to be as naughty as my sister Naughtia?? Lets have some fun and maybe you're the one I've been searching for to lose my virginity to???

I am seeking someone who:

  • Likes being in control
  • Isn't afraid to be romantic
  • Will hold my hand at the movies
  • Likes cuddling
  • Is caring and sensitive to a girl's needs
  • Can make me blush with excitement
  • Loves spoiling a girl
  • Will be open and honest with me
  • Wants to talk to someone honest with a pure heart
  • Can teach this virgin some tricks
IF you are seeking someone to talk dirty TO you, you should contact my slutty twin sister Naughtia...

But if you want to have a real conversation with someone who will make you feel like a better person, don't hesitate to call me! I will listen to WHATEVER you have to say-- CALL ME, Natasha!!! I'm very open to the idea of you teaching me some things, so if you like talking and being in control then I'm your googly eyed virgin ready to follow orders!! ;)

If I'm not available, write me and I'll get back with you... It could be fate that brought you to my page!

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