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Reagan Rocs It

I want to be your little playmate


Hey there, Reagan here. How are y'all doing? I am having the time of my life and now I want to share it with you. People are always asking me how old I was when I knew I was really a girl? Well, the answer to that is simple... I have always known!

I started cross dressing young, stealing clothes from the dryer at home and using them for my dressing up. When I got my first job, I started shopping at Victoria's Secrets for myself. Dressing up was a lot more fun when I could pick out what I wanted to wear. I told my parents, soon after that, I needed to be me. I think my mom always knew, even if it scared her, that I was going to act more like a woman than a man.

Today, I take hormones so my voice is very feminine. I have chosen not to have implants, but to be as natural as I can. My tits are now almost a B cup and I am so proud of them :). My cock is 6.5 inches when hard, but for me to get it hard, I need a little help because of the hormones, but I love talking to hot men.

So, are you looking for someone to dress you up and pimp you out? Someone who threatens to tell your wife or boss what you truly are? Someone you can confide in and talk to about you most darkest desires? Someone that knows what you're going through?

We can always role play out that hot fantasy you have, about picking me up and taking me home, finding that "secret suprise" you have always fantasized about. The choice is yours, but you will have to take that first step by picking up the phone and calling me! My sweet voice will relax you and we can take it the rest of the way home :) Call now lover.