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Pump & Grind with Klaudia

Being a librarian & a bookseller, I spend hours on my feet; being a shoe lover, I still must wear my high heels. The result is feet that need to be pampered. And I adore it!

I've explored the connections between feet, shoes, and sexuality (both my own personal connections and the various studies regarding "people in general") and I've discovered my pathos is not so strange...

Being a foot (or shoe) fetishist isn't crazy or necessarily due to some childhood abuse or trauma; there's a natural connection between feet and sex in our brains, which means our foot fetishes may literally be "all in our heads" but not in that delusional or "bad" way. *wink*

In any case, if you love the way shoes make your tootsies feel, the way a lady's feet, stockings and shoes make you feel, you are not alone, you are not deviant, you are not damaged. You are normal. (I hope this doesn't remove the thrill for you -- I know many people like to feel their fetishes are taboo!)

So come play footsie with me!

Play Footsie, Pump & Grind, With Klaudia

Have some time to spend online? Let's go shoe shopping together!

If you've really got a shoe fetish, I've got an erotic newsletter you can subscribe to called The Pump & Grind:

And there's a blog too; but the good stuff is saved for the newsletter *wink*

I also have some photos of me in my shoes... These photos are of me in my black strappy knee-high high heeled gladiator sandals:

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