Phone Sex

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$pend your money on me- that'$ all you're good for

No one can give you what you want loser and I don't care what you want. Haha. All I want is your ca$h. If you don't have a wallet do not bother.

Tell me, and you will tell me because I am the queen, all the things you did bad today and pay me for them. I will rub your nose in humiliation and you will taste the sweet stench of exploitation. And I'll laugh while doing it.

I know what you did. I know what you're doing right now, pathetic as you are, stroking that cock, wishing I'd even give you a look. You have to pay for a look from this kind of royalty. You will give me all the ca$$$$h you have for even thinking you had a chance. It takes balls to impress me and since you have none, because you aren't even a
REAL man, you have to show me some green and some bling-bling. I love to let you know where your place is while draining you dry of every cent you have.

I won't scream for you, you don't deserve it. I will make you my cash puppet- because you could never be a real boy, Pinocchio. Everytime you make a wrong move, your bill will be longer.

$poil me. That's not a request.