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Discover Your Own Spoiled Naughty Princess Nymph!

Oh no no nooo!!! You've discovered me!

I am a fairy princess nymph, and I was very busy hiding in this wonderfully dark and confusing land called "cyberspace" when you managed to stumble upon me!

Now that I am captured, you must make contact with me so that I can grant you your wish. Oh, you didn't know that fairy princess nymphs can grant wishes? Well! Let me tell you what else a fairy princess nymph can do!

We are shape-shifters. We can become any kind of magical creature, from a fairy to a mermaid to a unicorn! We are also very naughty. We like to tease and play tricks on you until you are all worked up and then sometimes you EXPLODE! That's our favorite magic trick. *giggle* We like girls and boys, and especially older men with a lot of-- oh, what do you humans call that pretty green paper again? Ah yes, money!! Yes, we love money. We like to eat it because it is green like magic grass. Mmmh. And we fairy princess nymphs are very spoiled indeed! We like to demand things and get what we want. Oh, and if you are disobedient then we turn into a dragon and roast you alive and lick up what's left. Tee hee!

But the thing we like most of all is making contact with humans! Yes, the rumbling, deep sound of a human voice is like wine on our lips-- it makes us tremble--!

So yes, we like to tease, we like being spoiled, we like human voices... oh! And we like gifts, too! Nothing will make a sweet little fairy princess nymph more gleeful than a gift. And humans who treat a fairy princess nymph very very well with lots of voice contact and money and gifts might even get rewarded with gifts in return! I MIGHT even treat YOU nicely! *giggle*

But until you have at least contacted me so I can purr to the sound of your human voice, I must act like an angry little girl and tease you. Na na na na na na! Catch me if you can!