Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

Yes, I have a sweetness to me - but don't let that fool you into underestimating what I am capable of.

I am a Sadomasochistic. A fair and just God. You will receive what you extend to me manifold.

My Sadistic Apparent was naturally reacted to in the most worshipful manner by countless individuals before I finally, really let it come to my attention and stopped fighting the label. I am comfortable with my full picture now, I embrace it.

My Masochistic Core enjoys play that is brutally hands on, artful, primal and loving. I can be very obedient.

I resonate with all things "still" - Dead Girl, Doll, Love Object..

I am a "little woman" in the traditional sense. I am "a lady about it." I am the one woman that countless misogynists adore. I have the same personality type as Hannibal Lecter, we both take great offense to those lacking courtesy.

Specifics that cannot be gathered from photos include, and are not limited to, the following: I am just under 6' tall without heels, my shoe size being 11AA. I was born and raised in The Dirty South and therefore retain more than a bit of that drawl. My voice is most often associated with that of Betty Boop. I would love to learn what, exactly, makes your blood boil..

Credits For First Three Photos:
Hair & Makeup/Madame Libertine
David Bee Photography
Fourth Photo Is A "Self-Portrait."