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Sick of Just Jerking Off?


Do you need more extreme porn and kinkier practices in order to cum?

Think there must be something better, but don't know where to find it?

Masturbation can be so much more than “getting off.”

Sallie the Tantra Teacher can help you rediscover sanity and enjoyment in your sex life.

Taoist Tantra invigorates your whole body by harnessing the power of sexual energy. It creates a reservoir of excess “oomph” that enhances the rest of your life.

In contrast, addictive masturbation drains your life force, time and money in a fruitless quest for release.

Experience the difference between:

* pleasure vs. stupor,

* fully aware self-pleasuring vs. mindless masturbation,

* letting go into ecstasy vs. desperately pushing through to cumming,

* ejaculation as a simple reflex vs. orgasm as an emotional and physical experience.

Control Your Dick Instead of It Controlling You

The Taoist Tantra I teach lets you stop compulsive frustrating jerking off that leaves you feeling drained and lousy. The male body is designed for so much better than that!

As Sallie the Tantra Tutor, I can teach you to involve your whole body while stroking yourself. When I lead you up to the edge of cumming and stop you, you will then pull that sexual energy back into your body instead of trapping it in your genitals. After your session you will feel energized. You will even be able to use your sexual energy as a reservoir of healthy, vital energy to use in your everyday life.

But be aware: What I just described is the final result of several telephone sessions and a lot of disciplined practice between calls. You will NOT be ready for any juicy fun until you complete the first of three phases.

Sallie's Qualifications

I trained for several years in Taoist meditation, chi kung and sexual practices for men and women. In the late 1990s I became an Associate Instructor in this tradition.

I have experienced several powerful body-based healing modalities, and studied various esoteric spiritual traditions.

As a psychic empath and an energy worker, I often literally feel what is happening in your body during lessons. For that reason, I can identify and address energy blockages and other problems you might have.

I am also a former phone sex operator. I no longer do phone sex. My instruction in Daoist Tantra for men is NOT phone sex. You will not cum on the phone with me until mastering Phase One and Phase Two.

Call Sallie the Tantra Tutor if you want to:

* Befriend your body.
* Learn how to juice it up.
* Send sexual energy coursing through your body.
* Feel pleasure in places you’ve never felt it before.
* Have multiple non-ejaculatory orgasms.
* Learn things about your body you’d never dreamed.
* Use your body's sexual energy to build spiritual power and sexual stamina.

Do not call Sallie if:

* You’re ready to pop. Tantra takes time.
* You want the kind of phone sex you’re used to. This is different.
* You can’t hold back from constant stroking. This involves a lot more than genitals.
* You don’t have the patience to try something new. This requires an open mind.
* You're allergic to the word "meditation."
* Working with the energy of the earth and sky is too freaky for you. We’ll be bringing sacred energy in from forces much more powerful than us.

Interested? See what is required to receive Tantric training. You are welcome to call now, but reading this will save you money on your first call because I won't have to explain the program.

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Overcome your compulsions with Taoist Tantra.

A real psychic.
A real Tantrica.
A real person.

Take charge of your sexual energy.
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