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Learn REAL Tantra from the SexualPsychic ☯

There's a lot of fake "tantra" out there

Learn REAL Tantra from a Taoist -- Tantra created thousands of years ago.

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I teach you to use your body's sexual energy to build spiritual power and physical stamina.

These skills were secretly passed from master to master over many generations. Some lost their lives for this knowledge, during eras when these arts were considered taboo.

Everyday charlatans charged exorbitant sums to locate the then-famed "Million Dollar Spot" behind men's genitals.

In our generation, many fakers invent some so-called "unique" approach to sex, and market books and workshops with little but their own experience and those of a few students.

I am trained and certified in Taoist meditation, chi kung and Tantra. In the late 1990s I became an Associate Instructor of the Healing Tao.

Call Sallie if you want to:
  • Befriend your body.
  • Learn how to juice it up.
  • Send sexual energy coursing through your body.
  • Feel pleasure in places you’ve never felt it before.
I am an energy worker and a former phone sex operator.
I am trained in the Taoist tradition of meditation, chi kung and Tantra.

Call Sallie’s School of Tantric Sex:
  • Do you like to follow directions? I’ll tell you what to do.
  • Do you like specific fantasies? Let’s see how we can incorporate them.
  • Is guided masturbation comfortable for you? Surrender to me.
  • Want to play as a couple? I’ll teach you how.
  • Ever tried ejaculating without touching yourself? It's possible, with practice.
  • Do you cum faster than you’d like when you’re with a partner? I can help.
  • Do you have trouble cumming? This will help.

Call me to play with and explore Tantra. Learn things about your body you’d never dreamed. If you get as excited as I was when I discovered these ancient techniques, you can enroll in my School of Tantric Sex for more – um – advanced studies.

Do not call Sallie's School of Tantric Sex if:
  • You’re ready to pop. Tantra takes time.
  • You want the kind of phone sex you’re used to. This is different.
  • You can’t hold back from constant stroking. This involves a lot more than genitals.
  • You don’t have the patience to try something new. This requires an open mind.
  • You need to do a lot of talking. I’ll be leading you.
  • Working with the energy of the earth and sky is too freaky for you. We’ll be bringing sacred energy in from forces much more powerful than us.

As the SexualPsychic I give psychic readings about sex, desire and all topics.
Visit the Tantra_Tutor listings to study Tantra as taught by ancient Taoists.
Call Sexual Sanity's "Light in the Dark" listing if you're giving up power to others during sex.
As the Psychic Seducer I reel in your potential lovers, help your partner be wilder, and program you for maximum sexual performance.
My Boudoir Photos: For a pretty penny, regular customers only may purchase photos of me at my prime. Inquire for details.

Need psychic insight now? Call my Sex Psychic Emergency Line