Phone Sex

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Moaning Michael

I want to be you desire, lets play

I have a really cool story to tell you all about... It's the explanation of how I got into phone sex. You are going to be shocked when you find out how it happened!


I am a very good looking lady, as you can see by my pictures. My tits are 35C, my waist is a tiny 24 inches and my hips are a nice round 35 inches. Many people have told me if I was taller I could have been a model. The other thing people usually notice about me is my voice. It is soft and seductive, even when I am not trying to get a guy off.

I use my voice every day, not only for phone sex, but for voice over commercials and such. My voice is my life.

Anyways... Back to telling you how I got into phone sex...

One night, sitting by myself, in my living room, the phone rang. It was a wrong number, but the man on the other end of the phone was very friendly. He apologized for the mistake and made a comment about my voice. I laughed and thanked him for the compliment. Then he asked me what I was wearing...

Now, I love to joke and kid around, so I quickly responded, A pair of red lace panties. For a moment or two, there was complete silence, then a breathless response of Oh my. I quickly giggled to break the spell I had jokingly created, said goodbye and hung up the phone...

The next night at around the same time, the phone rang again. It was my sexy voiced caller from the previous night. He said, You stunned me with your voice and shocked me with your attire. Would you like to have phone sex with me?

And so, the birth of a hot phone ho happened that night. Since, I had such a great time with him, I decided to look into doing this on a regular basis. So here I am boys. Come and get me!

Ass Shots $10

Birthday Suit $10

Fabulous Feet $10

Purrrfect Pussy $10

The Girls $10

Mani/Pedi $65

Be My Sugar
Daddy? $50

SugarDaddy! $100