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Ms Fiona

Sensual and Understanding Older Woman

I know you can't tell everyone what is going
through your mind. There are urges your body
experiences that sometimes stress, confuse or
torment you.

When you are unable to share yourself with
loved ones, come to me.
The gentlemen I've spoken with over the years find me to be someone they can open up to. I so greatly enjoy knowing the rapport we share is unlike what they have with anyone else in their world. Hopefully, you and I might share this, as well.

It's rarely about the quick fix, and more about deeply exploring over time.

So, then, not just one fantasy -- but all the fantasies we shall discuss as our bond strengthens, and you learn that you can trust me, implicitly.
There's pleasure of the mind, and pleasure of the body -- but I don't think they need to be separate entities. What do you feel like delving into?
  • - Simply unloading your mind?
  • - In need of TLC from a compassionate (and possibly equal parts stern) woman?
  • - Seeking guidance from an experienced lady?
  • - Perhaps discussing your fetish in a space void of amusement or chiding?
  • Unsure or nervous? Email me beforehand, and we can clear that up...