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Need a girlfriend? Someone to talk to? Got questions?
Let’s CHAT! About absolutely anything you’d like!
Politics ~ History ~ Current Events ~Art
Alternative Sex ~ Girlfriend Chat ~ Sissy / Mistress Chat
Literature ~ You and Your Life ~ Me and My Life ~ Loves & Hates

SPECIAL PHONE LINE: JUST CHAT!!! NO SEX HERE, NO TALKING ABOUT YOUR CLITTY, COCK, ASS OR LAST BLOWJOB!!! CALL ONE MY OTHER LINES FOR THAT!!! Only the lonely call here for chat, advice or laughter from my deep, soft, warm voice and a lovely pink ear to listen to their every word!

Want a little taste of my world? Step into my parlor! Get a woman’s perspective! Or maybe you just want a sissy girlfriend to share all your problems with or make up tips or trade recipes! Or you just want someone to be your girlfriend! A warm, caring voice on the other end of the phone after a long, long day of work!

We can chit chat, flirt, laugh and enjoy each other at a very low special discount rate for just CHAT! Call me! Let’s chat, explore, debate, laugh, cry, question, and compare anything your little heart desires!

Tired of being alone every night? Need a sympathetic, understanding ear to listen to your desires and dreams? Tired of the wife, kids and in-laws? Need to escape to a nice fantasy where I’m your best girlfriend or most understanding Mistress?

Need dating advice? Want to know how to win a woman over? Romance her? Spoil her? Need to know if a woman is taking advantage of you or using you? Does she love you or not? Ask me!

Want to confess to some dirty little secrets, or have a nice hard cry with me, or tell me your deepest desires? Anything you share is totally safe with me!

Wanna bitch about your lazy wife, ungrateful kids, asshole boss? I totally understand and sympathize! Think of me as your Mistress, girlfriend, loss love, or that stranger on the bus who rides all over the city, all night long, right beside you sharing all those anonymous tales of woe and success!

Lay your phone on your pillow beside your ear and let me whisper sweet things to you as you drift off to sleep. Let my voice be the last thing that lulls you to sleep and gives you sweet dreams.

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