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Pyra C

Let me share my filthy secrets

People spend most of their lives trying to do the right thing, live a good life, and fit within social standards. Well, those standards don't leave much room for the naturally kinky things that go through all of our minds. We fall asleep at night thinking about things we can't even tell our partners or best friends. We long for the kind of sex we see in the movies, we even long for sex that they are afraid to show in the movies. We want hot, KINKY, erotic sex. We want uninhibited passion and the freedom to be as taboo as we like. We want to experiment with all kinds of sexual experiences.

At least I do anyway. I couldn't stand life if there was no fantasy, no fetish, no way to act out my idea of a good time. My name is Goddess Pyra C, a professional kinky woman of Dominant nature (an understatement) living in Dallas Texas. I am a young women, it's true, I was born in 1980 in California, where I spent most of my life. I consider my youth an advantage. I have never met a man that I couldn't easily twist around my little finger to get what I wanted from him. Men worship the ground I walk on and I love it. I haven't met THE man for me yet, the submissive, or loving gentlemen that I will commit all of my kinky self to, but I consider myself to be too young for commitment. If I found the right man I would take him as my own, but until then it might be your lucky day. Don't be afraid to try something new. I'm not.

I am sweet, petite perfection only 5'1 and 93 pounds. Don't think I'm a pushover though, I'm not. The only way you get rewarded is by doing what I want, being the best part of my days and nights. THEN I might be nice to you. I'm a bit of a Princess you see, I want EVERYTHING my way, all the time. I want men who cater to my every whim and desire, be it sex, or anything else. It's all about me and what I want, but you know that or you wouldn't be reading this. I'm a real Dominant young woman seeking men who understand that they HAVE to have kink, just like me.

I have a few distinct fetishes. Yes, I do like all kinds of erotic things, especially when it comes to SM and bondage, but I'm not like all of these other profiles I read pretending to be into everything that turns you on to make some money. I like what _I_ like, period. I have a thing for vintage hosiery and lingerie. This isn't pantyhose bought at K-Mart, this is undergarments that I go out of my way to find and that I pay a lot of money for. Custom made corsetry, silk thigh high stockings with a seam up the back, garter belts and ruffled panties. I love expensive, antique clothes they make me feel so sexy when I wear them. I've given you a sampling of my hosiery and corsets on this page. I love the pin up girl look, and my favorite sex icons of all time is Marilyn Monroe and Betty Paige. They were so feminine and men fell all over themselves to meet them. Wouldn't you LOVE spending time with a woman like that?

I love bondage, cbt (I think it's the look on your face when I squeeze or apply clamps), I love having my feet rubbed and my toes sucked, having my hair brushed, being bathed and licked from head to toe by a deserving slut, I like having slaves whom I don't fuck - who are simply there to care for me and do what I say before I go out and have my devious escapades, I like men with huge cocks, that I can tie down and use as my dildo, an object to pinion and stretch myself open on until I get off, leaving him tied and erect to suffer with my juices all over him, I love men who can cook, who like good conversation, I love to be told how pretty I am, I love body worship, and smothering men under my pantyhose (it makes me very, very, very wet), I love chaining his ankle to my bed while I sleep, knowing he can't get up to go to the bathroom unless he wakes me to get the key, I love being his key-holder his body belonging to me, Nothing shocks me

I am not ashamed of my sensual being, I love to flaunt her and BE kinky. Come be yourself with me, open up your mind to new and ingenious ways to get off with a deviant Dominant Diva Princess.

Join me in celebrating fetish and fantasy. Classy Erotica from a beautiful seductive Texas Rose, delicious domination from a devilish redheaded princess of pain. If you want to see more of me check out my other profiles and my personal website.