Phone Sex

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Sweet Katie Madison

$pend for My Attention? You Can Try...

Don't let my sweet face and manner fool you. I'll rape your wallet AND shred whatever scrap of self esteem you have left, and sound totally cute the whole time I'm doing it.

I'll be sweet as pie...even as I'm making you wish you strong enough to resist me! Come and play, see how long it takes for me to OWN you and your bank accounts! I'm a born switch, especially when it comes to $ugge$tible, $ubmi$$ive, Pay Pets like you, I just can't help myself. It takes a real man to top this bitch and all I see here is whimpering wallet on two legs!

You're the kind of guy that has nothing better to do than troll Niteflirt looking at all the hotties he can never get without waving a fistful of Dead Presidents in their direction. Now you can't get hard unless the meter is running and that means I can totally smell D-E-S-P-E-R-A-T-E from the first moment I answer the line- which is kinda sad but mostly funny. Can you really blame me for laughing? Take a look in the mirror. Yeah. You are a poor excuse for a man and getting your bank balance "adjusted" is what you deserve for being so weak. You've been getting taken for all you've got by gorgeous young Princesses (like moi), for so fucking long that it's warped you into a sexual deviant who's confused cock gets hard when a pretty girl uses you like the human ATM that you are. Don't try and deny it, your ridiculous genitalia is even now attempting to rise as you read this. Deviant, questionably endowed AND soon to be BROKE ? Aren't you a prize! Lol, I wouldn't fuck you with someone else's vagina!LOL!

Still interested aren't you? So now this is the part where you pick up the phone and start $pending your money. Ca$h makes the world go round, makes my pussy wet and makes you worth my while. $Poi£ M€ Pa¥ Pigg¥, we both know your fingers are just itching to enter those credit card numbers and treat me like the Teenage Goddess I am. A nice fat tribute would be a perfect way to introduce yourself FYI...