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My name is Ashlyn, and I am a very unique person I think. I have never met anyone else who has this complication. If there is someone out there like me I would love to hear about it. You see? I have a trained pussy. I am not joking about this at all. Check this out!

I had this boyfriend who used to be a control freak. He wanted everything done his way, the cooking the cleaning and even how we had sex. He was really anal about stuff. He would say there was a time and a place for everything including cumming.

We both worked from home and one day he got this idea that he was going to "train" my pussy. He was forever trying different things to keep our life interesting. Anyways, so he bought a timer and got to work.

Every day through out the day he would stop doing whatever he was busy with and he would come to me, slid his hands down my pants or up my skirt and fondle my pussy in just the special way he knew how. He wouldn't allow me to cum until the clock said a specific time. As soon as the clock chimed that hour and minute he would allow my release.

He did this for months. It finally got to the point where he would walk up to me and say 12:07pm and my pussy would tingle and cum. Just with the sound of his voice! So now, at random intervals during the day, my pussy begins to tingle and cum.

We are no longer together, but my pussy doesn't know this. It is still trained to do his bidding. I cum no less then twelve times every single day. I am hoping that by having lots of phone sex with hot men that I will be able to undo his training. Anyone wanna help me play with myself to orgasm? Call me now and help a nympho out!