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My husband has gone and left me here at home all alone. Someone so sexy as I should never be left home alone! I am just way to hot to me ignored! That husband of mine is in for a very big surprise. Leave a HotWife alone and she will roam, hehehe. Living here in Los Angeles opens wide the doors of promiscuity. So many men and yet so little time. But with that stupid husband of mine leaving me alone all the time I'll have plenty of time to get to know quite a few of those hot sexy young men I meet, lol. Do you think he can smell them on me? Afterward I rarely clean myself up these days. I want you to know, husband! I want you to take notice, husband, and know I've been messing around! In fact I'm starting to think you like it . . . don't you husband of mine?

I'm the Sexy life sized Barbie Doll that drives you crazy!
I know how you love to dress Me up all Hot and Sexy.
I Love how you Love to give Me $$ whenever I want it.
It's so cute how you go out shopping for Me all the time.
Why don't you go shopping for me right now
while I let the animals chase me around for a while, lol.

My "HotWife" Wish List
  • Dress size = small or petite
  • Bra size = 32DD or 34DD (looking to go Bigger, so tribute often!)
  • Skirt size = small
  • Shoe size = 7.5 (open-toe I'll wear 7's or any size!)
  • I love My pantyhose and stockings!
  • My favorite color to wear is white but truly enjoy it all.
  • I absolutely LOVE Make-up from Mac-Cosmetics.
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