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Financial Freaktress

BEWARE! I am Your Financial Freaktress

I am your Financial Freaktress!!! You will serve me. You will provide for me. You will pamper me. You will lavish me with gifts, tributes and money. You will deprive yourself to satisfy my wants and desires. Your place in the universe is to enrich my life.

Cash is King and I am the Queen of Cash! I will rape your wallet---laughing with an evil laugh as I do so. I will strip you of so much cash that I will use your money to wipe my beautiful tight ass! I'll have such a surplus of your money, I'll have money to burn! And money to throw away!

But, don't fret my little pet, I will not leave you bankrupt. That would not service my needs and plans for you. Yes, you will go without. Yes, we will analyze your expenditures and cut them to the bare bones. Yes, you will take money from your savings to give to me. Yes, you will liquidate stocks, IRA's and other retirement investments so that you can offer even more money at my manicured feet as an offering of sacrifice and worship. Yes, you will deprive not only yourself, but your wife and your family in order to appease me and please me.

But, I will also direct you to higher gains of employment. You will be under my teaching and instructions. You will read what I tell you to read so that you may increase your business skills, vision, money management, investment knowledge and other necessary area of improvement. You will work longer hours. You will increase your earning potential by what ever means necessary--further education, learning new skills, changing jobs so you may acquire a higher income, seeking a raise and other such methods needed to allow you to bring more money in to give to me. You will start your own business in addition to your current employment. You will grow it. The goal will be to have the business become so financially successfully that it will be your full time occupation.

Do not contact me unless you are serious. Bullshit makes me very angry. I do not have time for it, nor will I tolerate it. I demand loyalty, sacrifice, generosity, devotion, worship, adoration, praise, pampering and spoiling. You will be expected to lavish me with gifts and money. You are to surprise me--to delight me, to exceed all of my expectations---to WOW me!