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Wild Brunette 25 year old takes money from old men

My name is Gia. You don't have to call me mistress. I'm a confident, cunning, slut who loves playing with the dark side of my mind. On the surface, I look like a stunning 25 year old Italian girl next door that you could only dream of but never have the guts to approach. In reality, there's a whole lot more to me than meets the eye.

My friends and family thinks I'm an office assistant with a boyfriend. In actuality, I work in the strip club 20 miles away from town. That's where I meet all sorts of older men with lots of money to spend on me all nite. Since I'm making all sorts of new wild friends. I've been introduced to a whole new way of looking about sex and now I am all about being in control and having my way.

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Like most hot girls my age, I love to shop, and if your not into spending lots of money then I tend to get really angry and throw huge tantrums. When I get upset, sometimes I kick and punch and even spit on you, right in front of everyone. So it's always good to say yes to whatever I demand.

Even though I am still young, I've racked up a lifetime of incredible wild TRUE stories about my past and present sexual encounters. I'm very interested in possibly getting into the porn business. I want to be that super hot white chick that gets passed around to every single black guy in porn. I am such a nympho.