Phone Sex

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Hello boys and girls let Us introduce Ourselves. We are Katherine and Michael and we really are a married husband and wife living a very kinky and hot BDSM lifestyle here... and we are also 2 NITEFLIRT FANTASY EXPERTS who would love to make you cum your fucking brains out today. All you have to do to take advantage of this opportunity now is to grab your phone and dial and then we will let you tell us all about your most cherished dreams... or your most shameful fears and believe you Us... We will have fun.

We really do love to have fun... and we promise we will do everything possible to make sure you have fun too. Of course, most Our little friends that call have a burning insatiable desire to serve... AND WELL THEY SHOULD! You know that your lives are so meaningless without a GODDESS to serve. Just face the facts... work is boring.... so pointless... We know that it is. you do make money, but so what? Money is useless to you unless it gets you what you need... right?

and what you need is a WOMAN like Kate. So admit it now, and live the dream. you know that Kate could make you go to war and die a happy death if only you had a chance to even earn her smallest smile. Luckily, this is not a time of war... but rather an age of love. You won't need to die to get Kate's pat on the head today... you will simply need to handle your phone and make a very simple call.

Tell us now... do you have a fantasy that makes you cum? Most men do. Kate has heard them all, but maybe yours will be something new for her? Do you wish you were a little cuckold to a TRUE GODDESS? Many men do. Kate loves it. She cuckolded many men in her youth... forcing them to love her. It was an act of kindness to them. For one brief moment, they all had a little taste of heaven. Their monthly paychecks were such a small price to pay to get to spend their time with Kate. Now, she needed to find her GOD to spend her time with... It is understandable of course. You know she deserves it. But, think of what this actually means to you... if you really want to experience the cuckold life, then this is a REAL OPPORTUNITY TO DO SO!

Kate fucks with Michael every night... and often during the daytime too. Your phone call might reach her ears even while she is taking his huge nine inch cock in her little pussy. BUT DON'T YOU DARE EVER EXPECT TO HAVE KATE FUCK ON THE PHONE FOR YOU TO PERV OFF TOO... it will not happen! Kate is not some trained seal here for your amusement. SHE IS A GODDESS,and she will fuck when she wants to fuck. You only get your little chance to support her. In exchange for your money, you get to have some value in your life. You get to earn her approval. You don't have to be a pathetic loser working in a thankless job for no reason at all. Someone will actually tell you what a good little boy you are. Someone will even tell you what she does with all your money to make herself all beautiful for her STUD LOVER. You can pay for the sexy slutwear she shows to ONLY HIM. You can pay for the romantic little weekend getaways she loves so much. You can pay for the dinners at the very best restraunts you only wish you could take her to personally... and the very comfy hotel rooms where you know she is going to be having the time of her life in the most amazing sex sessions you can imagine afterwards.

There is definitely a place for you here, if you are man enough to suck it up and dial the phone today. But then maybe you are not really much of a man at all... and that is okay too.

Did you ever want to try life as just one of the girls? Kate can help. Kate knows how to teach you to suck a cock. Everyone wants to suck a cock.. don't they? They should if they can suck a HUGE NINE INCH COCK like Michaels. Kate loves to suck it... and she does not mind if you do too. Maybe you have to dress up first. Michael likes pretty little things. Don't worry, Kate loves to dress you up. There is no shame here. Michael is a REAL MAN and it is an honor for you to be able to serve.

AND NOW FOR OUR CHANGE... we used to allow calls with either Kate or Michael. We are adjusting that offer. ALL CALLS NOW ARE COUPLE CALLS!!! You will always get both Michael and Kate to answer when you call. This is going to freak out some guys and to them we say this might not be for you but it is what it is.For other callers it will be much hotter to have a real couple to talk to. To them we say 'call anytime' we are open for business, and we will make you so very happy you took the plunge.

Imagine the possibilites. We can help you imagine your very own wife and her lover letting you in on the terrible secret. It is okay. The truth is we love our work here at NITEFLIRT. We love to have fun. This is fun for us. We intend to make it fun for you too. It will cost you. You should be prepared to tribute. We are worth it. You definitely should leave feedback. We deserve it.

We can't dial for you, but we can do everything else. Call us now to put us to this test, and we are going to show you just how we absolutely are the best.