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Come into My Domain Ladies


Now I am known by many different names but for now until you and I get to know one another it is Miss Lola. I am a Woman with many creative ideas that I love to describe with words since the mind is such a powerful thing.

Making your fantasies become a reality for you is personal treat for Me. Whether it’s being a dainty sissy maid or even just the girls hanging out and gossiping. No subject or role-play is ever taboo!

I never pass any judgment and I am very open minded when it comes to learning about who you are and I understand if you cannot always speak and acted freely with others. But you can speak with Me, for I am a Woman who understands and can make things happen with My Detailed words and My Vivid Imagination.

I Will make you into a proper dainty sissy maid, bound tightly in rope and dressed pretty in lace and ruffles and corsets.

I Will describe to you all the hot dirty tricks that I Will make you do for Me and My *Friends*

I Will control your every action for your will is no longer yours, it is Mine.

I Will teach you exactly how to please Me.

I Will judge if you are worthy of being in My Stable.

I Will become that close Girlfriend that you were always looking for.

I Will train your body and mind to be a complete Woman, from the way you physically look and act to the way your mind thinks for you are no longer a man.

I Will make your deepest secrets come true.

Know that I do not only do feminization but if I enjoy what you desire than perhaps I Will make it come alive.

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