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Queen of The Night

Enthralled in Black Widow's Evil Web of Greed

It's so thrilling to know that you are about to become another prey in My wicked Black Widow's Web of Greed. Upon encountering Me, you'll know that I have no use for you as a man, only the means to My pleasure through your wallet. Yet, you're unable to resist My intriguing game of seduction that will leave you hopelessly in love with Me and eagerly holding out your hard-worked for money and showering Me with gifts.

There will never be any doubt that you are just a plaything and easily replaced when you're broke and no longer of use to Me. Oh but no matter how much that hurts, you love that devastating pain of My greedy fangs penetrating your wallet so much more.

All I have to do is crook My finger at you and you breathlessly comply now, so openly vulnerable for Me.
I know all of your weaknesses and don't hesitate to wrap the sticky strands of My greedy web around you while feasting on your lust for Me through every big and small withdraw out of your wallet. I can feel your heart beating faster, mind growing blank and your entire body trembling with such delicious anticipation as I addict you to My seductive manipulations of you.

Come, My pet. It`s time to surrender to
My Evil Web of Greed...
Green is color of Greed $16.69

I am your financial ruin $16.69

In love with My evil greed $16.69

Stroke and Pay Pantyhose Junkie $16.69

Ca$h $eduction Game $8

Fucking Over My Bitch $25

Fucked out of $100... Again! $100

Can`t Quit! Paying Me More. $10

Spoil your Black Widow Enchantress with gifts from My Amazon