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Miss Sylver

Ready to get on your knees for a mistress who will dominate you for her own pleasure, not just because you pay? Are you a sissy slut, pantyboy, quivering bottom, or pathetic loser?

Sick of so-called mistresses who only want to rake in the bucks? I don't care about your fucking money, but you had better obey me, or you will be sorry. This is the real deal: no RP, not fantasy, but real obedience and control by a leather goddess with a strong right arm.

I am a real MILF, horny housewife, and amateur online/phone mistress. I do this job while my husband and kids sleep upstairs, because I love it. My co-workers would never guess what I do to horny men at night.

I'm smarter that you. I can see into your soul. Call me, and I will know your dark, dirty secrets in a matter of minutes. Then I will use them to torment and mindfuck you like never before.

Name your domination fantasy: cuckolding, verbal humiliation, crossdressing, sissification, forced bi, blackmail threats, orgasm denial. Foot fetishists, call now, let me tell you about my high arches and long toes.

Or maybe you like it rougher: anal reaming/strapon, bondage, pain, ruined orgasms. Let me show you my sadistic side.

Maybe you even like it sweet as sugar: gentle guidance and encouragement while I tell you how and when to tease and stroke your cock until you cum like mad. Or not ... I may never let you cum. It would be my pleasure to lock you up in a chastity belt for weeks, while you squirm like the little worm that you are.

Got a weird kink that I'm not allowed to mention here? Call and tell me about it now. I love weird kinks, the stranger the better. I'll play with you now, and humiliate you for it later.

If you are ready to obey me, no matter how nasty and filthy the task, you might become a long-term slave, with assigned tasks, regular training, and full-time orgasm control and denial.

Testimonials from my real-life slaves and subs:

Matthew, South Carolina, minister (guided masturbation fetisist): I've had real sex, and it's ok. This is better than sex.

Steve, UK, florist (pet and slave): I adore you, Miss Sylver!

Abid, Jordan, entrepreneur (foot fetishist and slave): I am nothing but a stupid dog, I live under your feet. Bark, bark!

Peter, UK, systems administrator (tease and denial fetish): soooooo much cum, ropes and ropes of it!

Ben, UK, teacher (submissive): I have known Miss Sylver for some time and have been constantly struck by her wit, intelligence and charismatic personality. She shows a compassionate side but also has devilish wicked streak. I would do almost anything she asked to please her. She seems to be able to reach inside you and find out of what you are capable.

Travis, USA, construction (verbal humiliation): Miss Sylver accepts people for who they are. She even accepts me even though I have a very small penis. (though she is quite abusive about it)

Martin, USA, student (unmentionable kink): I've never told anyone all that before. I was cumming so hard I couldn't help myself.