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5-Star Rating! Adult Advice from a Psychic

by a mature woman

Ask me about your sex life or your lover.

I'm a psychic and an empath.
A teacher of meditation and tantra
trained in energy work and clairvoyance.
I feel people's energy in my own body -- even long distance.

I no longer do phone sex,
but I still enjoy giving psychic readings regarding sexuality,
relationships and whatever else you wish to inquire about.

How it works:
I will ask for your first name, take a few moments of silence to tune in to you,
briefly state a positive intention for the call, and ask for your first question.

My telephone psychic readings are usually short -- I won't waste your time chatting or asking a lot of questions.

You can ask me anything -- explicit sexual questions, what your boss really thinks of you,
whether someone you know is interested in you sexually -- anything.

A real psychic.
A real empath.
A real person.

Call a psychic...
Get a psychic reading about sex and desire
...who is also a wise woman.

Call Sallie the Sexual Psychic

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As the SexualPsychic I give psychic readings about sex, desire and all topics.
Visit the Tantra_Tutor listings to study Tantra as taught by ancient Taoists.
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As the Psychic Seducer I reel in your potential lovers, help your partner be wilder, and program you for maximum performance.
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