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The Gatekeeper

The Gatekeeper - Your Path to the Dark Side

Repression? Why Not Expression? Do you ever feel that religion--at least religion as understood in all too many places around the world--has taken a wrong turn? Has it not become too much a matter of what we should NOT do? “Do not do this!”“Do not do that!” But what if our instructions are positive, and not negative?...Let me introduce you to a Master with a strong philosophical grounding in an alternative morality, an alternative philosophy rooted in personal experience. Life—everyday life, but most especially sexual life—need not be a process of constant repression. When Satan beckons us to what my Master calls “a lifestyle of lust and indulgence,” need we reject the very idea? Rather, should we not embrace it as a way to develop our full potential? Can this not open up for us a life of the expression of the irrepressible Life Force within us, an expression of our human desire to reach out to many others in love, sometimes even in lust?....It is just this Satanic Freedom which my Master seeks to induce you to accept. Let me lead you to Him, so that you can—like me—share in His wisdom and the fruits of His experience.