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The Cock Slayer

Degrading-Money Extraction Humiliation-Fetish Vids

Nothing compliments a chilly and wicked Ebony Findom Mistress like COLD HARD CASH. But a good wallet raping can quickly heat up when it is met with a slave who is willing to suffer, sacrifice and surrender his cock to this trendy Dick Slaying Goddess. I am greedy, manipulative and merciless when it comes to extracting that cash from a good paying slave. In this give and take BDSM relationship, you will follow my lead as I lure you into financial slavery. The more you give, the more I will TAKE! The more I slay that pathetic cock between your pale legs, the more you will PAY me. Don't bother trying to resist me. I wasn't designed to be resistible. When you find yourself at your most weakest point, your most vulnerable stage just say to me: "Goddess, how can I end this suffering?" And my reply will be: Simply, bitch. Send a tribute...a nice one!

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Cockroach Cock Humiliation -MP3 Audio Download

Tiny dicklet rejects will soon taste my wrath while listening to this mp3. Hear the malice in my voice as I quickly stomp your manhood down to nothing by verbally trashing your pathetic, tiny worm of a cock

Format: MP3
Duration: 4 mins

Ass Sacrifice - MP3 Audio Download

Sacrifice that ass like a good booty bitch. You will know what it means to really have your ass owned after listening to this mp3 and following my instructions. You will need a couple of things: your lube and dildo.

Format: MP3
Duration: 6 mins

Small Cock Reality Check - MP3 Audio Download

This new Small Cock Humiliation Mp3 is putting all of you losers in CHECK! Listen as I inform you of how you never satisfied me in bed. All the time I had been faking. Now their is a new sheriff in town, with a commanding cock that can do all the things you WISH your cock could do!

Format: MP3
Duration: 5 mins

Power Exchange - MP3 Audio Download

This Financial Domination Mp3 is for money slaves who enjoy relinquishing that cash to a top notch and trendy Ebony Femdom Mistress. You will soon learn what Power Exchange means as well as who is in complete control

Format: MP3
Duration: 3 mins

Jerk it while you sniff it: $10 - 5mins

Jerk your pathetic cock as you sniff my perfect Ebony peds encased in Nylon stockings
720P WMV format 640X420

The Ebony Seduction: $10 - 5mins

Watch your ebony goddess seduce you into becoming my mindless cock stroking maniac.
1080P WMV format 640X420

Hot Leg Seduction: $10 - 4mins

Sexy thick Ebony thighs & toned, slender calves topped with a pair of stiletto heels. Watch & Enjoy.
720P WMV format 640X420

Trash Talking Ebony Mistress: $10 - 5mins

Ebony Mistress trashes limp dick losers and teaches slaves how to serve adequately
720P WMV format 640X420