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I Am Highly Eroticized to Smoking in Your Face

Come here, boy, and bring my ashtray with you. Your Mistress needs to flick her ashes SOMEWHERE, you know. If you don't hurry, I'll flick them onto your tongue. Crawl to me and close your eyes as you inhale the smoke that I've just breathed out of my lungs and into your mouth.

My name is Mistress Storm, and one of the most erotic things in the world for Me is to bind a man to my restraint chair by his wrists, ankles, and around his head, and then sit in front of him and torment him by making him watch my gorgeous, full, pouty red lips leave lip prints on the filter of my cigarette as I smoke so very sensually and teasingly in front of him, mere inches from his face. Don't you wish that was you right now??? Wouldn't you love to watch me walk slowly back & forth in front of you while wearing a short skirt, black stockings, high heels, while smoking my beloved Virginia Slims? No one is as sexy as I am when I do it, and you'll ache with wanting me.

Perhaps you'd enjoy my "How May I Serve You?" gag that has an ashtray attachment. I'll have you kneel in beside my chair, staring up at me through a haze of blue-grey smoke while my cigarette burns a mere inch away from your face.

Do you smoke, too? Even better!! I'll withhold your cigarettes from you until your body starts to go through withdrawal from your beloved smokes, then I'll restrain you and the real torture will begin!!! I'll start by sitting in front of you and making a real show of getting out a fresh, brand new pack of cigarettes. I'll remove the cellophane wrapper slowly and methodically. I'll pull out a long, slender cigarette, and hold it under my nose, inhaling the fragrant aroma of tobacco. Then, I'll pass it under your nose, so that you too can enjoy the pungent bouquet. Then, I'll take it, and place it between your lips, letting you taste the filter, and I'll laugh as you try to (in vain) take a drag off the unlit ciggie. Then, I'll get out my gold lighter, and taunt you by waving the flame just out of reach of the cigarette. You'll want nothing more than to get your fix. Then, I'll light the tip of that smoke for you. You'll be overjoyed, thinking I've had mercy on you. Just as you start to suck that delicious smoke into your mouth, I'll rip the cigarette away from your lips, and laugh while you watch Me grind it out with my high heeled shoe on the floor.

Spoil'll be so glad you did!!
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