Phone Sex

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I AM A HOT, SEXY, BLONDE ... And I will walk all over you and force you to confess to me about how weak, pathetic, and submissive you really are. This is a submissive confession hotline: you pick up the phone and tell me exactly what type of sexually weak, pathetic sissy, cuckold or wannabee cocksucker you are.

I don't yell and scream and read from a script and call you a ridiculous list of names. Instead, I listen carefully, ask all the right questions, and penetrate your soul so that when I hold up my psychic mirror and you look inside you too will see just how low and pathetic a creature can be once he is forced to renounce all illusions of so-called manhood and is made to confront his abject weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and terrible sissy secrets.

I will emasculate and transform you into the bitch you were meant to be. Nothing makes my sweet little pussy hotter than watching you squirm while I twist your silly mind right round my clit and laugh all the way to the bank. I am out of your league, little boy, and that is why you will pay to embarrass, degrade, and expose your silliest and most shameful secrets. By doing so, more of your false dignity and self-respect will be stripped away so that eventually when you look in the unmanning mirror I hold above you, you will wimper at the image of your own unmasking.

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