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Goddess Carmyn Fury

Universally Known - Lesbian Goddess, Carmyn Fury.


Manipulative, Dickteasing Lesbian Goddess

...As She sits opposite you, legs apart ever-so-slightly you think you hear yourself whimper, though you are not sure. Her legs in lacey stockings and feet in 7inch heels, you long to reach out to caress Her, touch Her, move your hands up Her legs, your tongue to dance on Her skin, so your physical need takes over your mental control and tries to lurch forward but is held back by the ropes gripping your wrists and pulling your hands together behind your back. you sigh as you remember just how long you have been sat, tied to this chair.

you look down at your raging hardon and cry out as your eyes are met by the CB300.

She laughs.

She walks over to you seductively and gently whispers, so softly: '' I have never been with a man before, and this is why. Look at how pathetic you are, so very very horny, desperate to make love to Me, or fuck Me, or whatever you urge to do...and so very incapable of doing anything..even wanking...and definitely orgasming.

you consider throwing yourself off the chair and at Her feet..hoping to rub yourself up against Her calf. you'd even settle for the leg of a chair at this point and She laughs at the desperation in your eyes, gently moving even closer forward so Her bulging clevage is inches from your face.

She stands up slowly, and very nearly lets Her skirt brush your groin.

you sit and watch Her sit down opposite you, so ladylike as She crosses Her legs, revealing a little thigh. How can One be so delicate and yet so strong?

She picks up and presses a button on the remote control. She points it above your head and peers over you, looking above you, not even making eye contact. She starts to let Her fingers slip into Her skirt, and crawl up Her stockings to somewhere rather special. you can hear groaning and moaning of some sort so you spin your head around, straining your tied hands to be met with the dirtiest nastyess porn. you remember when you first met Her. She had been shocked at your uncontrollable wanking and had seduced you into telling Her what sort of porn you like, and what kind makes you edge, the specifics of what actually makes you cum. you realise with part horror but most arousal that She is getting off on exactly that sort of porn.

....and as your penis screams and throbs and demands to be let out, She throws Her head back and starts giving Herself exactly what She wants...and more importantly what She is denying you. 

For many the above is fantasy. For many who I Own, the above is reality. I can control your mind. All I need to do is control your cock...which is as easy as 1.2.3.

Goddess Carmyn Fury

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