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Deliciously Sensual, Delight in meeting my needs

Deliciously Sensual, Strict, and Serious
Conversations with a Truly Dominant Woman

This is for real. I do not pretend that this is any less important to you than it is to me. The only games I play are those with your mind. I truly enjoy using your deepest, darkest secrets to inflict a most a sublime flavor of torment. I will expect you to open your sole to me and I will plant myself deep into your psyche.

Back in the recesses of your mind reside those thoughts and dreams you try to ignore, you think are just a fantasy, but I know differently. I understand that part of you, carefully hidden from the world, is more real than you like to admit. You try to deny it, you hide it away so no one sees the truth, but it is always there and it haunts you, every hour of everyday. It is more than a craving, it is a calling, and it is your true nature. I know you. I know if we stripped all that the world uses to hold this back, family, friends, work, you would allow yourself to become what you desire: A pet, a play thing, an instrument of leisure, and quite possibly the focus of contempt, but always useful – to me.

Are you brave enough to follow this calling? Do you truly seek the privilege of service? If you are one of the lucky ones and I choose to break you, you will never escape me. This will not end when you hang up the phone. Certainly you will continue to live your life, but nothing will ever be the same. Your thoughts will frequently find there way back to me at the most unexpected moments. At work, with your family, lying in bed at night, no matter where you are, what you are doing or who you are with, I will remain in your thoughts and you WILL conduct yourself accordingly. This is not hypothetical, this is not fantasy, this is fact. You may continue to live behind that mask of respectability, but you and I will know the truth. Once you have revealed yourself to me and I have luxuriated in your weakness, you will be mine.

If you call, I expect you to:

1)     Be exceedingly respectful and deferential
2)     Wait until you are spoken to befor responding
3)     Politely introduce yourself
4)     Briefly explain why you are calling
5)     Remember that you are not my equal, behave accordingly!!

I may then take a few moments to consider whether it is worth my time to speak with you.
If this is the case, I expect you to wait patiently until I decide. If I decide we should speak, you will:

1)     Be open minded and pliant
2)     Brutally honest about your desires and weaknesses
        ( I want to know it all! )
3)     Be willing to share some details about your personal life
4)     Be willing to truly explore even those things that might make you nervous

I am very discrete, knowledgeable, experienced and exceptionally well versed in the dynamics of Domination and submission. I enjoy exploring not just the physical aspects of D/s but I particularly enjoy exploring the psychological and emotional aspects as well. I love getting into your mind and taking up residence as it were.

To put it quite simply, be prepared for a good old fashion mind fuck!

Some of the topic of conversation that particularly enjoy are:

Self Bondage Lessons
Chastity / key holding