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Beg for Becca

Princess does not want that little weenie


Heard that before?
It doesn't surprise me!

Seriously, what do you expect a girl to do with a teenie little weenie like that? LOL... You're joking right! Do you hear the sounds of vibrators after your girl kicks you out of the bedroom at night?

LOL, DO you even HAVE a girl? Well if you do, I'm sure it's just for your money. I'm sure no girl would want you for your excellent social skills (HA! YA right!) and you certainly cant satisfy a woman.
But dont worry sweety... I love stupid little teeny peeny dick-licks like you! I have a GREAT sense of humor and SOMETHING needs to keep me laughing right? Well that's where you come in!

So call me up, get out your binoculars and you can try to find your little pimple dick for me to tell me allll about it when you find it!

HA HA HA HA HA! You can even send me a pictures of your little hamster cock! ***Please take the picture yourself, as we dont want to subject any one else to that shame of your infantile shaft.***

Would you like to get a girl like me?

Sadly you will never even come close.
But I'll let you dream about it!