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Sarcastic & Sadistic-Soul Crushing Humiliation-MP3

That's right. I'm a mean fuckin bitch. The sorrier, weaker and more pathetic you are, the more vicious I become.

Time for you fuckbag loserbitches to read my rules. I’ve made them so simple that even the dumbfuck that you are can understand them. Stop looking at Me & read on.

Address me properly. Mistress Kristina or Goddess Kristina.

Got toys? Tell me what they are & have them there with you.

Answer ALL of my questions in an honest manner. I love hearing about the humiliating experiences you’ve had, to hear you whine about your many inadequacies & listen to you cry as you recount all the times you’ve been shot down, demeaned, rejected & made to feel like your sucky life will never get better.

Understand I can & most likely will add additional rules any time I choose. My life is all about mindfucking you for fun & profit; it will be the highlight of your day.

Prepare to have your limits pushed, stretched, pulled and ripped to fucking shreds.

Humiliation MP3 of the Week are $4.99 each

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  • brainwashing
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  • orgasm denial
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  • making you fatter
  • cuckolding
  • spankings
  • asshole ramming
  • forced bi
Of Course....Series
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MP3 of course you're a big fat fuck!
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