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Meet Angel, Ms. Eva's sub girl. Angel is in her 20’s while Ms. Eva is considerably older and thus a figure who is very adept at administering real life discipline—corporal punishment like the kind any submissive ought to receive when she is naughty and deserves to be taken over the knee and spanked with the hairbrush.

Angel has been with Ms. Eva for many years now, but unfortunately she still has not become the perfect submissive. This is because Angel suffers a lack of maturity and never seems to want to behave. Although Angel is an adult, Ms. Eva frequently has to discipline and punish her for acting disobedient.

It is the role of a responsible person Angel has persistent problems adjusting to. She regresses easily in her mind and often and has major difficulties exhibiting self-control given her selfish wants, needs and obsessions. She is generally a cranky brat who whines, complains and even talks back to Ms. Eva. Her bad behavior ranges from plain old mischievousness to out and out defiance, deliberately breaking rules when she thinks she can get her way and yes quite paradoxically, get a good thrashing with the back of a hairbrush.

Often Angel ignores Ms. Eva if she doesn't want to do something, and Ms. Eva has to repeat Herself many times before Angel will listen. Angel may even slam the door on Her in frustration because all she really wants is to have her own way. Miss Eva is constantly forced to remind Angel that she does not make the rules. Angel makes it impossible for Ms. Eva NOT to intervene with the paddle, strap, or tawse to blister her trembling tush.

Ms. Eva also never fails to take advantage of an opportunity to teach Her sub a good lesson. Listen when Ms. Eva sends Angel to her room, praying for her Mistress's mercy. Angel awaits with butterflies in her tummy and a pounding heart to hear the powerful sound of Ms Eva’s shiny latex boots ascending the stairs. Poor Angel shuts her eyes in dreadful anticipation of Ms. Eva cracking the wooden spoon, the leather paddle, the hairbrush, the wooden paddle, the rubber strap, the belt, hand-cut switches Angel must pick from the trees in the yard, the slipper or the cane to admonish and correct her very bad behavior.

Angel finds herself in a position where she is indeed being punished, which typically entails Ms. Eva administering a spanking that ranges from 5 minutes to 15 minutes to a whole hour in length! Hear Angel whimpering, pleading and then screaming. Her petitions for leniency fall on deaf ears however and the pain becomes unbearable. Her big little hinie is sore and stinging, bruised and sometimes bleeding by the end. Afterward, Ms. Eva permits Angel to collapse into the bed and sob until crying time is over. If Angel cries in defiance or does not stop soon enough for Ms. Eva’s liking, Ms. Eva has Her implements readily available to administer more of what caused the tears in the first place.

You will find these spanking files – mild, to severe. There is no sexual content in these files. They are genuine discipline/punishment sessions for various transgressions and are meant only for those who are fascinated by real life domestic discipline between a mature woman and Her younger sub girl. What you will not find are sensual spankings. Ms. Eva discourages these as Angel has yet to earn them. But to Angel’s delight you could suggest that Ms. Eva give Angel a sensual spanking to give poor Angel’s hinie a break from being so red and sore. Care to instigate, advise or participate here? W/we hope so. Maybe if there is genuine interest we can soon reciprocate with web cam and live phone sessions too!

The kind of material we offer at the present time is suited to spanking enthusiasts who can't help but get excited at the sound of a bare bottom beaten black and blue for real-life offenses in a genuine D/s relationship. It was Ms. Eva’s decision that as part of Angel’s training, despite Angel’s protests, these sessions will be recorded and converted into MP3 files to share with the whole world. Of course this adds to Angel’s humiliation. She feels like she just got spanked and humiliated in front of all her friends. But there is nothing she can do about it. Ms. Eva is in charge and rule #1 is, of course, “Ms. Eva knows best.”

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Part I Ms. Eva has decided the perfect way to get acquainted with Her audience is by performing a little demonstration of what happens in one of Her discipline/punishment sessions with Angel. Listen to the first five minutes to see if it gives you a rise.

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Part I Indulge yourself further with the second part of this introductory series and listen to the intensity of this real life spanking climb at a steady level.

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Part III: Nearing the end (for now) is Part III, which peaks as the discipline comes to its conclusion. Listen to a sample of what happens in Ms. Eva's everyday interactions with Angel.