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Little Dick JOI Humiliation

I rub your small dick with my stockings

My first boyfriend was 6'2" tall, and he was blessed with a large nine-inch cock. (Actually, 9 1/4", to be precise!) It was shaped beautifully, with a slight upward curve and a nicely formed mushroom head. It measured three inches in diameter at the base and tapered up like a magnificent sword to a big full juicy tip.

It took me about six months to take the entire thing, and I always experienced an amazingly titillating mixture of pain and pleasure once it was all the way in.

Little-dicked boi toys always ask me to describe the difference between taking something little or something big, thick and meaty. I say that when you have something that big inside, you just can't think straight. You're just overwhelmed with tingling sensations, and your head spins. In a very short period of time, you just brim over into one of the most ecstatic orgasms you've ever had. A big cock reaches places and pushes against all the walls of your vagina in such a way that you feel like exploding into a fiery ball of pure pleasure.

Little dicks? You keep waiting for the rest, and it just never comes. You lie there mentally making your laundry list, or wondering about what's on TV, or you get angry that you ended up with a small penis loser when any one of the other guys at the bar would have had a real cock.

Most girls will not tell a guy his dick is too small. We're a polite and diplomatic creature for the most part. But while the teeny weenie is pumping and humping, the lady will lie there and stare at the ceiling, looking bored, and hoping it will soon be over. And usually it is, as little dick losers usually don't last more than fifteen minutes before they dribble.

Oh, to have a full hour of big cock! That's what we're thinking!

Little penis sissies hold their cocks hard and squeeze them hard because that makes for all sorts of tingling feelings, since squeezing stretches the nerve endings in the skin. Well, that's exactly what a big dick does: it presses against the vaginal wall and the G-spot and streches the skin - and it pushes back the cervix, stretching the entire length of the pussy. That's why women love big cocks that reach into you like the third arm of a real man.

Yes, weenie boi: size does matter.

So what's a small penis button dick to do? Put on the panties, slide the dildo up your butt, and call me. You need to be trained by a beautiful woman who knows the difference.