Phone Sex

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You know that you just aren’t cut out to be a Real Alpha Man.

Maybe it's your small dick, or your little penis poking out in a pair of pink Victoria Secrets panties. Or maybe it was the first time a girlfriend cheated on you because you didn't know how to please her, so she went and found a real man who knew how to drive it deep and hard into her juicy pussy. Maybe it's all the stuff online that you read about Female Supremacy and which causes you to stroke and stroke until you realize that you're nothing but a compulsive masturbator. Maybe it was the first time a beautiful woman told you to lie down so that she could sit on your silly submissive face.

Whatever triggered your innate submission, once it emerges it's here to stay.

Once you renounce your masculinity, even for a moment, it's gone for good. You cannot gaze at yourself in the mirror the next day and say: "I never wore those panties ... I never got aroused by being s submissive wanker." Once you lose it, it's forever gone.

And that's when you pick up the phone and call me: The woman who understands, and who knows how to take you further down the road of ultimate emasculation, abject submission, and pathetic bottom-bitch servitude.