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Rolling Diva90

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you are owned

Only serious, financially independent slaves shall apply. In the long run I am looking to completely own you. This means you will be no longer a person, yet an object. I will dehumanize and objectify you. Everything you own I will own, everything you may think, I will allow you to think, your feelings, your mind, your desire I will control.
the slave will be locked in chastity, the slave will lose it's sexuality, the salve will dress as a female if I so desire, the slave will not be allowed to use the furniture, it will only be used when I feel like it.
Don't be stupid now, this does not happen within the time span of a week, it will take a while, but I need you to give up control bit by bit. If you are not willing to start giving up control, then get lost now. I am for the serious only
My goal is to retire from ProDomming and work on several entrepreneurial ventures that I own, the slave may be used to work on these businesses as well.
There are several slaves living with Me now, if I want them to, the slaves will have no rights.

I love My pets, slaves, bitches and sissies, I have years of experience training and owning slaves in My personal Life.
you may be next.
PS if you haven't noticed, I make the rules, if you don't like that get out. I can be ruthless and cruel, you do not make demands. So are you ready for the ride, the challenge of a lifetime, ready to be completely owned, bound, bowing to your Mistress? I will never allow the slightest disrespect. your purpose is to serve Me, not the other way around.

Understood? I am a young, sexy European lady going to University in the US. That means I have an accent. My English is proficient and quite possible better than yours.
Just call My webcam listing and I will show you that I am the real deal.

My rates are low, however I am not a fat old lady hanging out in the Midwest using fake photos so I need to be spoiled.

As a Mistress I require proper respect and if you are serious about becoming My long term pet I need to see commitment, dedication and loyalty.

Older men are fun as long as they are able to >Spoil Me .I really like pets / sluts / sissies / slaves and subs of all shapes and forms.

Rather strict but very rewarding to the right slave, building My stable….maybe one day you will have the privilege to be part of it. I decide.