Phone Sex

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Temptress Tedi

I dont want to talk to you. I just want your CASH!

Do you think about and fantasize about what it would be like to hang out with a real princess like me?!?
Well this is going to be the closest way you will EVER find out!!!
So call me up and be a good little sub and give me all your hard earned cash!!
The things I could be doing are endless...
So just let me put you in my purse or pocket or maybe
just carry you around while I go out with friends or go fuck a real guy who satisfies me!
Maybe... I will be out shopping with all the money you give me,
so I can get those
cute little panties and all the toys
that I have been wanting!!
Maybe... I will just be hanging out with friends
laughing at that
pathetic guy *YOU*
who is just sitting there watching your account dry up
just because you cant get enough of me and then
hands me over ANYTHING I ask for!!

Honestly I love thinking about how I am getting all your attention and all your money!
So when your girlfriend, wife, or any other girl in your life asks where your money has gone...
you can tell them whatever it is you want...
but YOU and I both know what the real reason is don't we?
It's because you just cant get enough of me!!

So call me and find out how I really act and treat guys like you!

I made this listing because a few of you regulars have asked me to. Plus it's true. I do like taking your money while you sit there and drool over what it would be like to spend the day with me! So call and let me own you and your wallet!!

After every call feedback and ratings are very much appreciated. But do realize this is an IGNORE LINE. If your lucky I might say hi to you, but then you will ignored, and the only way I will ever acknowledge that you are even on the phone is when me or my friends laugh at you staying on the phone just listening to us have fun!