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Bad Betty


Want to go down in flames? Have dirty secrets that you want extorted? I am very familiar with undercover/Interrogation/extortion/Psych Ops work and will use it against you. I will get into your head and making you confess your dirty secrets. So if cheat on your wife, Suck cock, lie,guzzle down liquor, cheat, steal, sleep with prostitutes, rent out escorts I WILL find out! If you are ready to take the next step you need to click below and buy my blackmail application.

YES this is for real and you would be stupid to try and lie on your answers. If you do start blackmail training with me you need to note I DO NOT DO ANYTHING FOR FREE... JUST LIKE YOU DO NOT WORK FOR FREE EITHER DO I!!!! Calling me up with stupid bullshit expecting me to do work you are not paying for is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Wannabe Blackmail/Financial Domination/Extortion callers who are only turned on by the idea or possibility of giving your money to me need not bother me any further… I do not have time for your stupid silly games. I am available for all expense paid trips (by YOU) to show up at locations which brings the game one step further. How would you like me to show up at your place of business? Outside by your car? Your bank lobby? Your favorite restaurant? Vacation spot? I play very hard and can go as far as you dare. Are you ready? or are you scared? Get tangled up in a game of cat and mouse, just remember I ALWAYS WIN.
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