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Holly Would

As long as you're paying I'm happily playing

The more you pay, the happier "I" am, the happier "I" am, the happier you'll be. I want to spend your money. I can play it anyway I'm in the mood to. You can make me happy telling me what you'll do for me. You can piss me off by wasting my time calling me and only pay to put me right. Better still, you can show me your tribute by sending me your video to keep safely for you, at a cost of course, doing as I instruct on it to secure your devotion to me. My time is precious, every minute, so expect to pay to play, one method or another. Remember, where some girls might not take your money without feeling bad... Holly Would When I allow you call, immediately let me know if you're either: 1. Going to waste my time having to talk to you so since this will piss me off, you'll be listening to me rant and rave about what a little gold slave you are. 2. Are going to make my day, please me and make me happy telling me about all the luxurious gifts you should give me and hear all about the things that would make me wet just thinking about you getting for me. 3. Calling to arrange an agreement, sending me the video I require then listening to me each time you call tell you the things I should do with the video. I don't like my time being wasted for free, so I require knowing what kind of a goldbag you are before I bother. SINcerely... Holly Would