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First Video I ever made, in My Dorm Room (2007/2008) #CashFetish

That's right, pay to get completely ignored. European girl living in Manhattan, travels from New york City to San Francisco and London. you are unworthy of My attention. I play with the big boys only. Maybe you will get lucky enough to hear Me chat with My girlfriends, listen to one of My political satire shows, Be pleasured by my stud, or type on the computer, but likely I will completely ignore you.

If you are lucky you wll hear Me telling My friends about how pathetic you are.

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if I can't Ignore you live, you can be ignored by one of My recordings or send Me a tribute.
I love receiving gifts and especially pleased if you send Me a tribute to tell Me that you feel useful if you send Me a tribute, because you know it puts a smile on My face if you send Me a Tribute.
Good Boy!

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Thoughts about Personal Slavery

I am happy you have realized that you have to pay in order for any dominant woman to pay attention to you.

Let's be clear: most guys have to pay for women in one way or another. It may not be via money, but gifts, dinners, sweet talk - whatever.  

the Goddess you will obey

Kinkiest Regards
-Leona Stern

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Finest German Engineering

you are about to
enter a new world

A world in which you do not matter
Not even a bit

It is time to become My bitch - and be ignored

I am the Domina of your deep rooted desires the forbidden fruit you will continue to crave knowing you can never truly have Me -I am the one who has you - captured & entranced.

If I choose, I can own you
I can own you and all that you have

I don't have to ask or plead. you will beg me to own you, willingly surrender . Every moment of My time is worth more than your entire pathetic being.
Expect to compensate Me accordingly

If I do choose to own you, I will do so completely, and eventually you will have no right or say.

you'll just be Mine

Arriving in the place where you were always meant to be, the sorry reminicense of whom you used to be will be forced aside by the shivering remains of what once used to be


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Finest German Engineering

Sometimes it is hard for us to admit our deepest, darkest, most deviant fantasies, even making a confession to ourselves seems impossible. The things you desire, the dreams that repeatedly haunt you appear to have no outlet for fulfillment. Until now. you have found the Goddess. Let me help you realize what you have long arched for. I will take you on the quest of exploration. Imagine doing things that you never thought were possible. I am the loving, nurturing female authority, who will guide you -gently- into a divine state of submission. you may be nervous, but it is excitement you feel, not fear. Through my skilled hands even pain will emerge in the most pleasurable way.