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Mistress Avarice

Sensual Domme to Spoil and Obey

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Basically, what that means is...I enjoy toying with My prey, before moving in for the kill.

After all, it's not the destination, necessarily, but the journey itself, that is so much fun.

Do not be fooled by my graceful sensuality, or by my often fun-loving personality. I DO know how to take control of any situation, and of course, of YOU.

You may have a heart of gold, but I have a heart made of fine diamond: tempered, glittery, and priceless. Some say my heart, like a diamond, is cold. But if you've ever held a fine diamond for any length of time, you know that it does warm up, and it makes you feel like nothing else in this world. (hint: if you want to impress me, send diamonds!)

Some, when looking into my eyes, and listening to my voice, become mesmerized, and regrettably for them, let down their guard. They tell me their darkest secrets, and their most humiliating fantasies, they share personal information, such as their names, social security and bank account numbers, as well as who they associate with. (wives, bosses, friends and other potential hazards)

Of course I make note of all this seemingly innocuous (most of it) information, even when it appears I'm barely paying attention. When you listen to the sweet siren sound of my voice, your cock is in control of you, and I, of course, am in control of your cock. It sounds complicated, but it's really very simple. A bitch boy with a hard penis equals I get what I want. Every. Single. Thing. Every. Single. Time.

If you're nervous or scared (and you should be) just call me. We can discuss every aspect of your submission to me. You can listen to my voice slowly draw you into the web of your own dark hidden desires.

I'll talk to you soon...

~Mistress Avarice
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