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Wet Look Leggings / Hot Pink Mini Sweater Dress / Green Body Suit / White Shorts / Black Fuzzy Sweater & Sheer Pantyhose / Black Athletic Shorts / Pink Bra & Blue Shorts / White Cleavage Bra & Sheer Pantyhose / Sheer Black/White Top / Blue Top & Black/White Shorts / Red Sweatpants & Black Hoodie / Hello Kitty Sweatpants / Blue Sweatpants / Sweatpants & Marilyn Monroe T-Shirt /

OMG I just love to go shopping! It's my very favorite sport and the only thing I like better then indulging in my favorite sport is being able to do so with your hard earned MONEY!!! That's right and that's why you beg to be hypnotized into being My own personal ATM/piggy bank/Cash cow. As you look deeply at My image your addiction for Me grows. The longer you look the stronger My grip upon you and your Wallet is and the more intensely you crave My sweet abuse. your self control is diminished as your need to please Me grows stronger and stronger realizing you will do whatever it takes to gain My attentions and what I want you to do right now is to buy this new belly gem hypno clip and watch it over and over till you are so overwhelmed that all you want to do is hear My voice and more than willingly place that call to ME!

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If you send a tribute of $100 or more I might even turn on My phone cam for you and let you watch Me trying on all the things you're buying for Me.

Tributes of $20 or more will receive 3 photos of My shopping experience sent directly to you're NF email as soon as I get back home from spending you're hard earned money on spoiling Myself with sexy clothes, lingerie, and whatever else that fancies Me at the time.

Nothing beats the adrenalin high I get from shopping with other peoples money, lol, and I know you love it too!

BTW, this phone line is much like shopping inflation and can go up at anytime! So Call Now and have fun shopping with Me and playing My fun little raise the rates shopping game. Such Fun!

This is the last thing I bought with your/MY Money!
Black and white shorts you see Me posing, topless, in these three photos you can enjoy with Me.

Get Me Rubber Rain Boots
Shopping In My Pink Cowgirl Hat
Sexy Little Things