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Straight Married roleplayer expert

I have multiple listings here at Nite Flirt with tons of 5 star feedback. If you are curious about me, I invite you to take a moment and read through everything to get some answers

Just for the record I am straight and I am also married. My wife used to participate on calls with me as you can read in my feedback, but she got tired of it a few years ago and at most would just say a quick hello these days. I am still here doing the calls though and I can make your little fantasy cum true today. .

Even though I am straight, I have been with guys... mostly earlier in my life, but I still understand the hot kink that blows your mind. I understand almost all the crazy demons that some of us live with, and I promise to do my best to deal with them all for you and with you. I actually could take a lot of time here in my little song and dance number... and give you a whole list of examples of possible fantasy topics that you might be interested to explore with me... but lets get real. You already know what ideas are making your cock get hard and horny. You already know what dreams you have that will make you shoot your load when you share them with me today.

And seriously, please believe me that there is no need to be nervous. I am good and I am extremely open minded! I actually have lived most my life as what we call a 'Dominant Alpha Male Personality' or a 'Master' in the BDSM lifestlye. And here goes my explanation... I simply guarantee that I am at least as big of a sexual pig as any of you are and even though I am not 'gay' and I never find myself wetdreaming about men or cock... I still believe in that saying "any port in a storm will do." What that means is even though I fantasize about only women... I fuck anything that is available when I need a fuck. I just never found it overly difficult to enjoy a man sucking my cock when the occasion popped itself up for me over the years... And, I've actually found the occasion to fuck quite a few men back before I got myself married and 'settled down.' Hell, I guess I will come fully clean here and admit that I even sucked some cock and took it up the ass myself. I was younger and more desperate in those days lol... but sex is sex and I am who I am and I love my sex so you can trust me that when you call I probably have heard it all before... and done most of it too.

That's the sales pitch... I love almost everything here... I love to tell stories while people listen. I love to roleplay. I love to create. I love to exercise my mind and transport people into the heart of their most wonderful of desires. I feel I am an amazing operator here at Niteflirt... my feedback sings the same message and I guarantee that you will feel the same once you try me out. I am going to usually be available in the later hours, but I take this serious and will sign in whenever I can.