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Ash Coxx

Please sir, show me what sissies are for.

I'm the sweetest Georgia peach you will ever eat!

Hello boys, my name is Ash and I was raised in a trailer park in Georgia. I spent a lot of time with the next door neighbor. He was a big mean biker who drank a lot too. It wasn't very long until he started talking me into doing "favors" for him. He used to call me a sissy, and one night he said he was gonna show me what sissies are for.

He pulled out his big sweaty cock and told me to start licking it. I was terrified and very excited too, and I did as he said. Pretty soon he was grabbing me by the ears and sliding that big dick all the way down my throat. I would gag and choke, but he wouldn't stop, and pretty soon his dick was shooting white stuff all down my throat and all over my face.

One night he came in my room when I was sleeping and the next thing I know, he's on top of me. I felt him spit on my tight pink virgin butthole and soon he was ramming his prick deep up inside me. It hurt like hell and I sure did holler, but he'd just keep pumping away and after awhile it started to feel really good and I remember how good it felt the first time he shot that white creamy stuff up inside my tight little butthole. He said it would toughen me up.

I don't know if he told other men in the trailer park what he was doing with me, but pretty soon other men were trying to get me to do "favors" for them. I also started smoking cigarettes and always needed money for a pack of smokes. So i figured out I could suck a cock or let some guy fuck me in the ass for a $5 bill and go buy a pack of smokes.

It might have started out rough, but I know that I was meant to be a cocksucking boy who can now deepthroat the biggest of cocks. I also love the taste of cum and love to swallow it or have it shot all over my face and smooth chest. I like the ass-fucking thing too and love having a big prick jammed up my "man hole " as my neighbor used to call it. That hot white stuff shooting up there feels so good after being pounded by a big ole prick. Hell there were times when my neighbor would bring a friend over and my neighbor would be fucking me in the ass while his friend was grabbing my head and fucking my mouth, my neighbor would tell his friend that I was a little cum-dumpster.

So get your prick out boys and give me a call, let's have some fun. Nothing is taboo, and I have no limits!

Stuff Ash Likes:

  • Role-play
  • Dom/Sub Scenes
  • Oral Sex
  • Anal Sex
  • Masturbation
  • Cum Facials
  • Tittie Torture
  • and any other twisted little fantasy you can think of !!

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