Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.


Tired of meaningless sex talk?

84¢/minute to talk to me about whatever you want - because I got bills to pay! I'm reasonably certain that I'm (84¢/min)*interesting.

Things I am good at talking about include:
- myself (particularly proficient)
- geeky stuff (i.e. comic books, video games, the Internet)
- girl advice (I am a girl who will not bullshit you)
- art and other snobbery
- compelling philosophical stuff (ask me anything. Seriously. I'll have an opinion and rationally-conceived argument.)

I have also been known to sometimes listen to others on occasion.

If you ask nicely and I like you, I can also sing for you! Because I am a singer. It obviously doesn't make me any money though.

If you try to talk dirty to me, I may or may not laugh at you, depending on whether or not I like you. But I do promise that everything I say will be completely honest.

Because, let's face it, whacking off to camgirls who will methodically tell you whatever you want to hear - it won't fill that lonely void. Hang out with me instead. I laugh a lot. We can have a fun time.