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Mistress Yve

Dressing you up like the tart you are!

I am Mistress Yve (as in "Eve"), an intelligent, multi-faceted, narcissistic Dominant woman. Tall and lean, I often towers above my slaves, but that's made easier by their low stature in general, and certainly by being on their knees. I can be cruel or playful, often both, and I am always unflinchingly devious.

My evolution into being a Domina was an inevitable one. As an intelligent woman, with a passion for kink and a background in the arts and psychology, this life was predestined.  Having the means (men) to accommodate my mercurial moods, the opportunity for extended and intricate manipulation, and the luxury, nay birthright, of total control... where else could I possibly have ended-up and been this happy? I stand in a veritable playground for a Siren.

I thoroughly enjoy the fine art of feminization, whether it be a full transformation into a sensual slut or a ridiculous fascimile of whore!

I love: crossdressing, shopping trips, strap-on sucking, self penetration, panty boys, glory hole seekers, cocksuckers, swishy sissies, and so much more. Call me with your clothes and your dildo available... we'll have some fun.

I relish in such fetishes as: corsets, boots and stilettos, fur, hosiery, silk and satin, leather, pantyhose, smoking, and fetish clothing.

But mostly I enjoy putting boys in their place, teaching acceptable attitudes and reverent behaviors for slaves. You are to be MY helpless little toy and you will love ME for it.

What I DON'T do: care about your furtive masturbation attempts, discuss age play or related scenarios, switch, indulge any type of sexual service desires, or pretend to give a shit about whether you cum or not.

A few things you should know:

1. Introduce yourself clearly and politely. Once I've acknowledged your existence, answer my questions in a likewise manner.

2. Have some vague notion why you are calling me and what it is you want. I am not a psychic and don't find anything entertaining about playing guessing games.

3. Be responsive! If you sit there and breathe into the phone while you masturbate, I will hang up. You need to make this FUN for ME, and therefore you must entertain me. I have a creative mind that bores easily, be well aware.

4. Say good-bye before hanging up and leave positive feedback.

If you are new to me and want to get started down my path, you may purchase my New Slave Package below. In it you will find a selection of photos, my messenger IDs, and the link to my personal website.