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Ms. Marina Black

Extremely experienced, sophisticated, university-educated, unconventional, creative, cultured, always a LADY and REAL...
I am Toronto-based professional Dominatrix and lifestyle FemDomme Fetishist, Ms. Marina Black.
You may have heard of me.

I have made movies, have taught seminars and write prolifically on the subject of this way of life.
My pictures should speak for themselves.
I have more than ample real-life experience that not only enables me to provide sane and elegant advice, but also empowers me to create and control creative and powerful scenes.

I have engaged in this way of life for 25 years - since I was a very young woman.
As an authentic Sado-FemDomme, your pain IS definitely my pleasure, but there is so much more to it than this for me.

As a Woman with my own fetishes, I have my own preferences.
I will only engage in scenes that I deem worthy of my time – scenes that I personally find intriguing, interesting and fun.

A session with me is real and not a “performance”.
I insist on nothing less for myself and my clientele.
I am a Woman living this life authentically.
I am a true FemDomme Sadist and, as such, my preference is for "heavier" scenes.

What I bring to the table ...
My beauty (physical and spiritual), intelligence, wisdom, sincerity, authenticity, high standards and a steadfast expectation of excellence.
I also bring my extensive skill-set enhanced by true "perversion", tempered by my sanity, humour, good nature and solid sense of ethics.

In terms of wardrobe, I have a passion for personally-designed latex, leather, custom corsets, tall boots and beautiful high-heeled shoes- high-end all the way.
Nothing but the best for myself and my clientele.

My personal fetishes include:
Extreme Interrogation scenes
Corporal Punishment : Whipping (expert with bullwhip and singletail), Flogging, Caning, Strapping, Paddling
Shibari/Japanese Rope Bondage or Leather Bondage: Restraint, Immobilization, Mummification, Extended Bondage (2 hrs+), Caging.
CBT - Expert
Medical Scenes - expert with catheters
Electro-stimulation and torture - PES
Nipple torture
Water torture
Sensory deprivation – blindfolds and hoods
Chastity Control: Keyholder for your device
Breath Play
Face slapping
Relentless Tease And Denial
Consensual Blackmail

Click below for my Financial Slave application when you are ready to commit to some level of ongoing service.

$30.00 to receive your application/questionnaire.
Watch this video in which I share a bit about myself, how I operate and what I think of "safewords" as I smoke a cigarillo in one of my favourite rubber outfits.

Download the first part of a radio interview I did with Leanne Custer on Sex City in February 2009 after the New York Rubber Ball. Approx. 26 minutes (19.6MB). On the subject of the rubber Lifestyle - as a "pure" fetish and in tandem with D/s and BDSM as a vehicle into deeper Dominant or submissive headspace. $2

Download part 2 of the same interview. 15 minutes (14MB). $1

For additional tribute you may show me your devotion and receive some of my photos or video clips.
I am also equipped to provide video sessions.
I am a very busy Lady, but would love to speak with you.
The best way to assure this is possible is to message me for an appointment if you see I am not available.

tribute by paying my utility bills. $400
tribute by covering my visit to the spa. $225
tribute by covering my car insurance. $150
tribute me with a manicure and pedicure. $100
honour me with a gift. $100
honour me with a gift. $50