Phone Sex

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I may be that free fall that you need

I'm looking to have stimulating conversation with people that have an ability to follow their curious desires just to see where they lead, to communicate clearly with me and for me and also the ability to talk openly about anything. Domination is only one service I offer. You'll have to get to know me to learn the others.

A little about me; currently residing in Northern California, I am 5'5", 44, brown hair, curious green eyes and a sense of fun matched by few. I am open to most adventurous suggestions or new ideas. I work as a professional Dominatrix at Backdrop in Mountain View, California -- so if you're traveling through California, let me know and maybe we can meet for a real-time session (only after a few phone sessions of course). I'm very open minded, and encourage that sense of adventure in my friends as well as customers. try me. If you can convince me to do it it's a bonus for both.

I'm not going to promise you that I will be masturbating as we speak, or looking in to the eyes of a submissive I may be desiring at the moment (although always a possibility with a pro-Domme), but I can say with some confidence that you will be happy with me and my vast collection of adult stories to share willingly. I've been kinky my entire adult life and have great stories that still make me blush. I have been in the scene for 13 years. I've been trained by four of the best pro-Dommes the bay area has to offer; even today.

Call me... find out for yourself that I'm that diamond in the rough... if you're disappointed, you can return to the mill of trying to find someone more real, or as entertaining as myself. Chances are you wont though...

A list of expectations I believe are in order; to be honest with me if you’re experiencing difficulties financially [sorry but that is a factor one has to consider realistically; this is a financial juncture] I am not looking to have a slave/submissive or even casual friend I play "slap and tickle" with or train over the phone that struggles financially and put themselves out to please someone else. I will expect you to make a commitment with me and provide some sort of a schedule that works best with both our lives, and your budget, and hold to it. If you can’t keep a session or two; be open and upfront with me; I’m human and I am great with understanding. I also expect you to conjure up topics prior to dialing so that we can get started and not waste your time or money; this isn’t cheap, and I wont take you for granted by playing mind games to get you to spend longer with me; you'll know if I'm not being sincere and it ends there for you as well. This is your fantasy; I just want to be a part of it. When we open the mental arena for even more advanced fantasy play time goes fast so be prepared to be relaxed, and in an uninterrupted space for the duration of our call; I will also do the same.