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Welcome to Miss Harmony’s 5-step game! I want to see how many of you are truly devoted to ME! This game consists of 5 steps. Each one is a little more intense. Each step comes with a photo of Me, Miss Harmony. The photos get more sexy as we go. you will find though that the photos are not the only reward in store for you ;-) You may even earn my permission to touch yourself (maybe I will even allow you to cum if you are a good boy) Do you think you can make it to the final step?

Are you game?

This game consists of 5 steps. Each one is a little more intense. Each step comes with an assignment and a photo of ME, Miss Harmony. The photos get more & more revealing & there are some extra rewards along the way.

Each step will have an assignment I want you to complete. Once you complete your assignment, there will be a reward for you in the next step... The assignments are always in purple bold type

Oh yeah, NO TOUCHING YOURSELF!!! (Unless I tell you to)

The first part of assignment 1 is for you to always obey Miss Harmony, no matter what She tells you to do. you will do it, understood?

Game Round 1

Easy enough, right?

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Game Round 2

Assignment 2. Congratulations! You have done well, so far! As part of your second assignment continue to show Me your devotion!!!

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Game Round 3

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Game Round 4

Congratulations! you are earning MY respect! Continue to do as I say, you know you want to.

Assignment 4.

Click the button below to go onto round 5

Game Round 5

Assignment 5.

Well done!! you made it to round 5. you have followed MY instructions, I hope, to the letter, if not, you should be punished, but I will deal with you later about that. For now click the next button for your final assignment…. You earned it 

I am a very Powerful Woman. I am professional and I know how to have fun I have a dirty mind and a quick tongue, KINKY, creative, fun, and open minded. I understand male psychology well (if that doesn't scare you, it should.) I have a split personality where I can also be a brutally dominant and sadistic Woman, My greatest pleasure comes from debasing, degrading, and psychologically tormenting males; I revel in it. Some of My greatest pleasures include enforced 24/7 chastity, total orgasm denial, cuckolding, sometimes even forced-bi, CBT, fantasy roleplay, hypnosis, mind control, among other things. I will make you wish you never called Me... you won’t be able to get enough of Me… Then again a sick fuck like you might love it.. Little bitches get down on your dirty knees and kiss the ground ten times in honor of Goddess Harmony. Me if you pathetic sluts think you can entertain Me." I enjoy power exchange.. POWER, CONTROL, and Fucking with your mind. I like to joke around with my crazy girlfriends about the silly shit I make hopeless FUCKS like you.. do, just for laughs.. Go ahead... laugh. We both know the truth :)