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: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.


Fantasy Roleplay Specialist... Kinky as Hell

My name is Michael and for those who haven't called me yet, I am an experienced Dom.

For those who have called me in the past you might wonder why I wasn't around the past 10 months. I need to tell you I had better things to do. Life required my attention. Now it's everyones lucky day. I am going to be back to take care of you... and just to make it even better, I am dropping my rates to get things started.

That's right... the best phone sex you are going to find is now here for just 1.19 cents per minute. I do it all. Roleplays? Absolutely... I have heard pretty much every sick twisted perverted little fetish desire that you could ever think up. What's more, I probably have done half of them myself. If your request is okay with niteflirt terms of service then trust me, its okay with me too. I do guys here mostly... but I do girls too. I am married in real life and she even has her very own NiteFlirt profile here in the couples category called confess now that you can dial and talk to both of us at the same time. Call Button

I am the real deal. I am hetro, but I am into power. I get off on fucking. Any hole. That's who I am.

Will I play the raise the rate game, or ignore line, or get into blackmail games? There is other flirts that will tackle this crap. I take what I do serious. I am real. I have dealt with so many people that have some sort of mental trauma and I don't want to unwittingly hurt anyone here that I can't take full responsibility for. I'm here to help you with a voice that understands you... and give you a thrill with a fantasy phone fuck. I'm not going to push someone I don't know into their deepest shit so if you start asking for things that are very serious... expect me to ask some questions what you are looking for and possibly tell you I don't think its a good idea. I respect my callers.

One last thing... people start leaving your feedback!!! If you hate me... say you hate me. This feedback system is for you. Niteflirt doesn't edit it... but it plays a huge role in every flirts business. Hopefully if i give you an amazing call it will be worth 60 seconds of your time to feedback me. Don't be unfair... someone said i sound like a gay guy pretending to be straight but i actually have my wife doing these calls with me for several years. BUT BY ALL MEANS IF I OR ANY OTHER FLIRT TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOU, THEN FEEDBACK IS YOUR VOICE TO SAY SO. USE IT. IT'S IMPORTENT. I get as many as 200 calls per month and less than 5% of them leave any feedback at all. Do your part to make this better for everyone and leave a feedback... Thanks,and now it's time to call.