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Fantasy Roleplay Specialist... Kinky as Hell

I've been a flirt for 10 years now... and I have seen/heard/and did pretty much everything there is to do here {and in the sexual world}... but I still look forward to taking your call today and seeing what your special interest might involve.


In my real life... I am now 50 years old. That might be too old to be a 'twink' but honestly... I was never a twink. Even in my younger days I was always destined to be the man in charge. That said... I did suck my share of cock in days long gone by, so I do have a bit of insight in what makes it so interesting to you. I get the taboo of it. I understand some of the shame involved... but also the sheer exciting animal filth of it as well. I think I can help you figure shit out, if you have shit to figure out. But, I am also willing, ready, and more than able to just have a hell of a fucking roleplay with you where we get into whatever little fantasy world you want. Real or fantasy... its your choice when you call.

I will share with you all that I am married in real life. I guess being 'straight' is important to a lot of you. There might be something a bit strange about being here on Niteflirt and taking calls from guys... and still trying to make a claim for being straight. I am definitely straight. I don't dream of men. When I jack my dick, I am not thinking of men or cock. I am straight.

I do talk to men though because being straight has no effect on how I get off on POWER. I like to DOMINATE little fucktoys… and quite honestly a mouth is a mouth and an ass is an ass and I like to fuck both. Because I am married, my wife prefers I don't cheat on her. It is fine with me because shes a walking/talking/fucking sex goddess and I am so lucky to have her. I wouldn't need another pussy. So... here I am and lucky you too. My situation let's me be here to get you off today... and I will share another little lucky break for you too. My wife does some Niteflirt herself. She and I have a couples listing. We call the listing 'confess now'... You get to talk to the both of us, but please read the listing carefully before you call it. She doesn't degrade herself for any of you. Still, if you wanted the thrill of talking to me and the wife... the opportunity is yours. Here is the link . Call Button

So yes... I am the real deal. I am hetro, but I am into power. I get off on fucking. Any hole. That's who I am and that is who you are going to get when you call me today.

P.S. I know you female callers out there have a real hard time finding someone to call here that isn't a steroid taking muscel bound fag buster. I do take female callers. If you are looking for something please remember I am here to do the call you want. If you want me to do the call I want... I will... but I am being paid when you call. By all means, feel free to ask for what you want and I promise I will do my damn best to deliver. I like female calls a lot, and I will lower my rate for them if you ask and you understand you need to give me a moment to adjust the rate and then you need to call back.