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STRAIGHT AND DOM STUD to rule you tonight

Now, listen up you pathetic little bitch! I do have several listings here at Niteflirt. All the others are much more affordable to call then this one is. Of course, you can wimp out again like you have all of your miserable life and choose to call me on any of my other lines today... I will still kick your ass just the same as I will when you call this one... but you will once again be admitting what a worthless loser you are.

Man it up for once, and just dial this line and pay me enough that I can have at least an iota of respect for you. IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE FOR YOU? Can you possibly earn even an iota of respect from Me today?

you are going to need to dial Me now if we are to find out the answer... but how dare you keep Me waiting here this long to begin with?!? Are you still reading the rest of this profile before you do the RIGHT THING AND GRAB THE FUCKING PHONE TO CALL?

You know my cock is hard. I am horny. I need a cum... and unlike you, I deserve a cum. I have actually already been nice enough to you to log on to this forum and allow you the excitement of calling Me. I bet that makes you every bit as horny as you can possibly get. Lucky little fuck... so, why are you still reading and haven't dialed yet?

Do you need a beating? Want me to kick your ass before I fuck it? Can you handle it? Will you cry when I slap you? Will you cry if I tell you how weak you are... how perverted you are? Should I lick the tears off your pathetic little face? You know I won't kiss you after you suck me though... I am not gay. I just fuck you because I like to fuck and you aren't much of a man anyhow... right?

I don't honestly care if you are "gay" or not either. Any weakling can be made to suck a cock. You might like it better if you are gay or bi... but honestly, your enjoyment isn't necessary. You can jerk as you serve me... but your cum goes into the trash wasted. or the toilet flushed away, or maybe into your own little slut panties I have you wear.

Really, when you call today... you do realize that I might do almost anything. Call me an asshole if you wish. I don't mind wearing the title. At least, I am never fucked up my ass so I like wear I sit just fine. I might straddle over your chest... pin you beneath my knees as the bully did years ago... sit right on your face if I want. I can be a real big asshole here, but I don't apologize because you will be the one being fucked and that "joy" will be yours and yours alone. So it really is all good...

and you do know that it might not even be just me that fucks you either... right? I won't mind pimping you when we get it straight just which of us is BOSS today. I have friends with money, and I need some money myself... so if you aren't talking to me on this phone and paying my rate, then how the hell can I make my bills? Your little fuck delay here not calling me already while you read this far just might get youwhored out... taken to the glory hole... blackmailed... AND THERE WILL BE NO ONE TO BLAME BUT YOUR OWN PERVERTED LOSER SELF!!!

I mean, I might be a bit sympathethic... maybe... I will know that you can't handle the friends and work and family finding out about this little secret of ours... can you :(

you can probably trust me then as far as that all goes...but always a bit of a risk if you call... so I guess now we need to find out if you actually are man enough to deal with it.

I will promise you that any further wait before you call is only DOOMED to piss me off more. Calling Me now though will please Me and then you will get to hear Me cum if you are very lucky. you might get to hear Me call you a good boy even. Be prepared to tell Me a secret about what gets you off when I ask. I will ask. Be honest. you will enjoy the call a lot more if you are honest. So man it up and dial... pay the extra price to be lucky enough to call this line, or switch to my other profile if you must. I AM WHO I AM EITHER WAY, and now you need to experience for yourself why I can boast that I will prove I am the best anytime anyone will put me to the test.