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Let's Get Lost in a Fantasy-No Taboos,Anything Goe

Get over my knee like a good boy & take your spanking for me! I'll pretend I don't notice your rock hard cock against my leg! Nothing like a bare bottom open hand spanking, or maybe a paddle or two to teach you a lesson!

Do your friends know you fantasize about sucking cock? Well I know you do! I know you want to get down on your knees for me & be a little cock loving sissy faggot! Suck a dozen disks for me! Be my fluffer before I let another many fill me. Maybe if you're lucky I'll let you eat out my cream pie filled w/ hot thick juicy cum! You know you love the taste of a man, so do it for me! You're a sissy panty boy & it's time to admit it. Get on your knees all dressed up for me & be a good cock sucking sissy slut for me!

Ever had a fantasy about that girl next door? The sweet cute blond thing who you’ve watched grow up? I’m that girl! I’m a small town girl who had big Hollywood dreams. I made it to California, but I didn’t make it big in the “regular” film business. Perhaps you’ve seen my perky tits, tight wet pussy and very tight ass up close on the screen. I’ve made a few films in my time and I’m planning to make more.

Well, imagine that same girl next door with a whip! I'm the one who wants to be in control & you better not ever forget it! I know what it takes to be a dominatrix & I get off on the power! Give control over to me & surrender yourself to my pleasure!

Get on the floor slave boy & start worshipping my feet. I want you to really use your tongue, get it in there! Nibble on the arch of my foot & drive me wild! It's time for you to get used to these tootsies & your place in my life-at my feet!

I admit it, I crave cock! I have since I was pretty young, I love the taste, feel & smell of it! I'm a horny little bitch and I just can't get enough! Share yours with me, you know you want to!

Once I really got into sex, I just couldn’t get enough of it! To admit it, there was a time I didn’t like anal sex, but with the right guy and the right lube I learned to love it! I adore having all my holes pounded. I keep my tight little pussy shaven, but I assure you, when I do have hair, I’m a natural blond.

My B-cup tits may be small, but they are insanely sensitive! It’s like my nipples have a direct line to my clit for stimulation!

Do you know the song "Do you Take it (in the Ass)?" by The Wet Spots? Well hey, that's me. I'm a woman who LOVES ANAL sex! It gets my g-spot somehow from the other side & I've even squirted from it! I love having my ass pounded & using my strap-on for you!

Perhaps you’re the kind of guy who likes to get a little kinky? I can handle that! I know my way around a whip and a flogger and I’m a girl who likes to take control. I’m especially good with small cock humiliation, cuckhold fantasies, forced bi – making you suck a nice huge cock for me while I watch. Maybe if you’re lucky after I make you suck lots of cock you’ll get to eat a nice little cream pie right out of me. That would be a lot of fun, wouldn’t it? Can you imagine the taste my beautiful cunt mixed with the hot cum of another man? I know it’s something you desire.

I love to fuck, suck, be eaten out, give blowjobs, blow jobs, oral sex, anal sex, kinky sex, no taboos sex, no limits, getting freaky, bondage, discipline, BDSM, domination, submission, small cock torture, sissification, panty boys, humiliation, forced bi, forcing you to suck cock, castration fantasies. I like bondage & a little BDSM! I'd love to explore any of the following with you!

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I have experience with Abrasion,Anal sex,Anal plugs, Arm & leg sleeves(armbinders),Asphyxiation, Auctioning, Beating , Blindfolds, Being serviced sexually, Biting, Boot worship, Bondage,Breast/chest bondage and torture, Breast whipping, Breath control, Branding, Cages, Caning, Castration fantasy, Cattle prod (electrical toy), Closets (locked inside of), Chains , Chastity belts, Chauffeuring, Chores, Clothespins, Latex Clothing, Leather Clothing, Rubber Clothing. Slutty clothing, Spandex clothing, undressed-top or bottomless, Uniforms, Cock cage, Cock rings/straps, Cock whipping, Cock worship, Collars, Competitions (with other Subs), Corsets - both casual and corset training for waist reduction, Crossdressing, transgender, Cuffs (leather, latex and metal), Cutting, Dilation, Dildoes (dildo training in ass as well), Electricity, Anal Cleansing, Enforced chastity, Erotic dance, Examinations, Exercise (forced), Exhibitionism to friends and stranger, Eye contact restrictions, Face slapping, Fantasy abandonment, Fear, Fire play, Cupping, fire cupping, Following orders, Foot worship, Forced dressing, Forced eating, Forced homosexuality, forced masturbation, Forced nudity (private and public), Forced servitude, Full head hoods, Gags -cloth, inflatible, phallic, rubber and tape, Gas masks, Gates of Hell, Genital sex, Given away to another Dom (temp), Hairbrush spankings, Hair pulling, Hand jobs-giving, Hand jobs giving and receiving, Harems, Harnessing-leather and rope, Having food chosen for you, Having clothing chosen for you, High heel wearing, High heel worship, Homage with tongue, Hot waxing,Housework, Humiliation private and public, Hypnotism, Ice play (cubes, dildoes, etc), Immobilization, Including others, Initiation rites, Injections, Interrogations, Iron Restraints/Manacles, Kidnapping, Kissing, Kneeling, Knife play, Leather clothing, Leather restraints, Lectures for misbehavior, Licking, Lingerie (wearing), Manicures-giving, Massage-giving, Massage-receiving, Medical scenes, Modeling for erotic photos, Mouth bits, Mummification, Name change, Nipple clamps, Nipple weights, Oral-anal play (rimming), Oral-Genital play (fellatio & cunnilingus), Over-the-knee spanking, Orgasm denial, Orgasm control, Outdoor scenes, Outdoor sex, Pain-, Penetration, Persona training, Prison scenes, , Public exposure, Punishment Scene